Choose Sunshine :-)
We Have Sunshine on a Rainy Day!

About BCSC

I am well versed in search engine optimization, installing and maintaining forums (otherwise known as message boards), and website development.

I am offering my skills to families wishing to keep in touch more across the miles, local entertainers who are looking for more exposure, and small businesses who are ready to step into the 21st century with a web presence.  I can utilize 2nd and 3rd party advertising and am particularly creative with smaller budgets.

Brew City Sunshine Consulting

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Email us for more information.  Our official grand opening is scheduled for March 1st, 2010.  Prior to that we will be offering select local businesses some great deals in exchange for their participation in our portfolio, which is coming soon.

We have sunshine on a rainy day!

The “Sunshine” in “Brew City Sunshine Consulting” is referring to an attitude. We have a can do attitude with a willingness to explore all options for small and medium budgets. We support local entertainers, mom and pop shops, local artists – local, local, local. BCSC is here to help you, the small business owner or local artist, get the exposure you want at a price you can afford. Very personable staff that will make sure you get the personal attention that you deserve.


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